The web version of the Stadia Store launched yesterday, and we've made some interesting discoveries about some of the things that will be coming to Stadia. Some of which were already obvious that they'd be coming to the platform at some point given that they are a pretty standard part of gaming nowadays, but it's always nice to have solid proof that they will be coming.

If you go on the Stadia Store you'll notice that there are multiple lists of games (currently Best of Stadia, Stadia Pro Games, More to Discover and All Games), but if you alter the number at the end of the URL you can see other lists that exist but aren't shown on the store home. It's worth noting at this point though that a majority of them are empty and don't have anything in them at the moment, but we envisage that once Stadia's game library extends a bit more we will see these lists in action.

Noteworthy lists include Game Gifting, Game Pre-Ordering, Game Demo's and Early Access which hints that Stadia will be offering these highly requested features amongst the community at some point in the future. There's also one called 'Trials' which we can only assume means Game Trials, this could possibly mean that you'll be able to play a portion of the game up front at no cost, and then if you are enjoying it, purchase the whole game and carry on playing - although this isn't confirmed yet so take this with a pinch of salt.

There's also mentioned of YouTube which suggests that integration between the platforms is still underway. Also mentions of Cross-Platform which, we knew was going to be available for certain games anyway, but still good to see it written in an official format.

Either way... here are all of the lists, we've highlighted a few of the important ones, feel free to bookmark some of them in case you ever wish to see what the lists contain once they flesh out a bit more:

UPDATE: Wishlist Found Too!
zMattyPower on Reddit has also made the discovery of Wish Lists on the Stadia Store too.

Most Played
Top Selling
Editors Choice
Coming Soon
Recently Updated
New Add-Ons
Early Access
Great on Mobile
On Sale
Great Offers
Game of the Year Winners
Beautiful Games
Popular on YouTube
Most Wanted
Most Gifted
Top Rated
New Releases
Best 4K Games
Best Cross-Platform
Best HDR Games
Best Multiplayer Games
Best of Stadia
Best with Stadia Pro
Big Deals
Discover More Games
Featured Deals
Leaving Stadia Pro Soon
More to Discover
New & Trending
New This Month
New This Week
New to Stadia
Publisher Spotlight
Stadia Exclusives
Stadia Favourites
Stadia Pro Deals

Regarding the "Leaving Stadia Pro Soon" List
There seems to be some initial worry that this list hints at access to the free Pro games being removed at Stadia's leisure. We suspect that this is not the case and it simply means that the window in which you can redeem the free Pro games is coming to a close since you can only redeem them during the month that they are being offered (with the exception of Destiny 2 which Stadia have confirmed will be available for the foreseeable future).